Forever Living Products (Russia) CIS

Office & Product Center Address:

115093, Moscow
B/Serpukhovskaya str. 25, bldg 1

Business Hours Office:

10.00 am – 21.00 pm (Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri)
10:00 am – 20:00 pm (Sat)
12:00 am – 19:00 pm (Sun)
Tuesday - closed


+7 495 118 01 28






Signing up:

Sign up with a form:

Please click here for the FBO application form. A printout of the application form is accepted.


Sign up online:
On this form residents of this area can register online.


Ordering products:

Minimum order size

For Novus Customers it is 1000 Rubles, which is about 15 dollars.

For FBOs the minimal order is 2500 Rubles, which is about 38 dollars.

Delivery Cost: Depends on the order. For many locations delivery of 2 CC and above orders is free, however delivery rules for remote destinations may vary.

Average lead time for orders to arrive: Forever ships within 72 hours since order is paid except month end orders. Delivery time vary upon the destination and delivery method.

Payment methods accepted: Bank card, wire transfer and online cards issued for web-wallets to pay for online orders, bank cards and cash for walk-in orders.

N.B. You can pay online by a bank card only from the country of its issue. This option of payment is applicable for the cards issued in the following countries: Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Germany, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Israel, Norway, Poland, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Finland, France, Sweden, USA and Canada.

Local Product center's available: Yes.
Online purchase by foreign FBO's available: Yes

First order required while signing up as Novus Customer?: Yes, only if application form is filled in online. In case of joining through print form, the first order should be made within 14 days, otherwise the ID is blocked.

Grouped order possible?: Yes. While ordering on line you can both add other FBOs orders and register new FBOs combining orders of up to 10 FBOs into one shipment.

Online shop + website available for foreign FBO’s?: Yes. Please check whether you have been internationally sponsored to Russia BEFORE signing up a new FBO or placing an order. Please note also that you will be uploaded to FLP Russia database automatically after the month end, however, if you want to sign up or place an order within the month when you applied for international sponsorship to Russia we advise to send a mail to with your name and ID, so we can push you to the system manually. The easiest way to check whether you are already in the system is to type in your ID trying to access to the on-line shop – if the system does not accept your ID, than you are not in the system yet. Please contact us on this sending a mail


Bonus Payment:

To local FBO's

Forever pays earned bonuses in two forms

  • Non registered Individual Entrepreneurs get discounts on orders. The discounts consist of their Personal Discounts in line with the achieved Marketing level (5% for AS, 8% for SVR, etc), Group Volume Bonus (3% from downline volumes received by FBOs from Supervisor level) and Novus Customer Profit (15% of difference between Novus Customer price and Wholesale price of your downline Novus Customers’ orders) in case they have unpaid earned bonuses.
  • Registered Individual Entrepreneurs receive bonuses at their bank accounts in rubles. Registered Entrepreneurs are responsible to pay on their own 6% of Income tax and about $500 annually as Social taxes.


To foreign FBO's

* please e-mail to us at a scan of your travel passport (we need your front page data and all pages with visas to assure local authorities that you do not live in Russia) and your USD account.

* we will ask you to fill in the bonus transfer form with your personal data and bank details and send it back.

* as soon as we receive the full set of documents, we will send an e-mail back to you with a contract and certificates of work acceptance.

* you need to sign and mail THE ORIGINALS of signed documents back to us.

* we register the contract with the bank and hard currency control and will send the money to your account. It will take a month or so to pass the procedure for the first time, but it is one time hustle.

* every month we will send you the certificate of work acceptance with your monthly income for signature, upon receiving the ORIGONAL of your signed certificate we will make payment to your account.

N.B. Please note that it does not make sense to receive small payments as each payment is a subject to a bank fee of $60. The minimal bonus amount paid to foreign sponsors is 200 dollars.


Legal Requirements as FBO, other than normal income taxation:

VAT Registration: No
Social security number: No
Other registrations:


Local Trainings:

Business and product presentations are regularly held at regional offices. Please advise your downlines to sign up for the news from Forever at - it will help them to be aware of what is going on in Russia.

In brief:

* We have monthly webinars for all Russian speaking FBOs. These webinars are dedicated to monthly news and contain also a product training

* We have also daily BOMs in Moscow office

* Once a month we have Aloe Day in Moscow

* Once a quarter we have Success day and Leadership training in Moscow

* Local trainings are available in our calendar correct link is

Please do not hesitate to ask us questions either by sending us an email at We are also available by phone +7 495 118 01 28 on working days from 9.30 till 18.15 (Moscow time). We will be happy to answer all your questions.